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Tax Deductions for Employees in the Cleaning Industry

Written by
Sebastian Garcia
Published on
January 11, 2024

We understand how hard you work every day and that you deserve to keep as much of your hard-earned income as possible. However, are you aware that each year you might be unnecessarily giving money away to the tax office? If you don't meticulously handle your annual tax return and claim all the deductions you're entitled to as a cleaner, you could be losing a significant amount of money. Working with a registered tax agent like Y&S Accounting ensures the best outcome, with the potential for a much larger tax refund than you might have claimed on your own. We are familiar with the deductions you may be entitled to as a cleaning professional, and we'll make sure you get them all.

Can I claim any deductions?

The short answer: yes! You can claim deductions for money spent during the financial year on products or services directly related to earning your income. You must have spent the money yourself (not reimbursed by your employer) and keep a record of the expense, such as a receipt or an invoice.

What deductions can I claim?

There is a wide range of deductions you can claim as a cleaner, such as:

- Car expenses if you must transport heavy or bulky equipment to your workplace (like a portable vacuum cleaner) and have no secure place to store them at your workplace.

- Car and other transport expenses if you must drive between jobs during your workday (e.g., if you clean properties in multiple locations on the same day).

- The cost of purchasing, repairing, and cleaning any distinctive work-related clothing (such as a logo T-shirt or branded overalls).

- The cost of buying any protective items for personal use during your work, such as a vacuum cleaner or mop.

- Phone and internet expenses for your own phone or device if you need to use it for work purposes (e.g., to schedule or manage appointments), and your employer does not provide a phone or reimburse expenses (keep records for claims over $50).

- Self-education expenses for attending courses, training, or seminars specifically related to your current job (e.g., a course on advanced upholstery cleaning techniques).

What can't I claim?

There are several key expenses you cannot claim, including:

- Everyday clothing you wear to your workplace that can also be worn outside of work (like casual wear, sneakers, or a plain shirt), even if you bought it specifically to wear to work.

- Any tools or equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner or cleaning products, if provided by your employer.

- The cost of any meals or snacks consumed during a normal workday, even if your employer gives you an allowance to cover meal expenses.

What records should I keep?

- Receipts are crucial during tax time. It's a good idea to create an easy and reliable system to stay organized throughout the year. Remember that you don't need to keep physical receipts, and it's acceptable to keep a digital copy (like a photo of a receipt or an email receipt) as long as it's readable:

- The provider's name.

- The expense amounts.

- The nature of the goods or services.

- The date the expense was paid.

- Date.

- You don't need to keep receipts for expenses under $10 (if they don't exceed $200 in total).

What if I make a mistake on my tax return?

Don't stress; we know mistakes can happen to anyone. It's best to address the issue as soon aspossible. Be extremely careful when gathering information and supporting documentation when filing your tax return, and only claim deductions that are genuine to avoid penalties and possibly even prosecution by the ATO. Sometimes, it's easy to make an honest mistake. If you need assistance correcting any incorrect or unsubstantiated claims, feel free to contact us so we can help youmake the necessary adjustments.

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